I can perform the following services to help your piano sound its best.

I strongly believe that aural tuning of the piano is the method that provides superior results.  You can be assured that as I work through the tuning of your piano, I am using my most important tool – my ears – to make decisions, judging the optimal position for each note given its relationship to various related intervals.  In other words, the tuning is customized for your instrument.  Aural tuning is a very cerebral experience which is what keeps me excited to venture out every day to pursue the work that I love to do.


I can provide for numerous types of repairs.  Most common issues, such as a sticky key, are generally easy to resolve and can most often be done at no additional cost above the tuning.  Other sorts of problems may involve more labor-intensive repairs or the need for replacement parts.  In this case, we will always discuss what is involved before the repair is done. 


Regulation and voicing are services that bring out the optimal performance of your piano.


Regulation is the adjustment of the exacting tolerances of the parts that make up the action and touch of the piano.  Voicing is the process of adjusting the relative brightness (or mellowness) of the piano's tone, which can be adjusted according to your preference.